Zhuang Mingzheng: both shape and spirit of freehand brushwork, Where the heartstrings move, the painting melts into poetry


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    Zhuang Mingzheng: both shape and spirit of freehand brushwork, Where the heartstrings move, the painting melts into poetry

    2022-06-15 15:10
    -- Promoting the Spirit of Chinese culture and recording historical figures with ink and brush 
    Photo by Wang Baosheng, Editor-in-chief of Chinese Cultural Figures

    Zhuang Mingzheng, Chinese painter.  Director of China artists association, the original propaganda division, deputy director of the political department of the people's liberation army of general hospital,director of Beijing artists association, Researcher of Central Museum of Literature and History, Academy of Calligraphy and Painting.a visiting scholar at Tsinghua University academy of fine arts, was awarded the second session of national art academy "top artists", twice won the  honor, such as class 3, works collected by many museums and individuals

    Zhuang Mingzheng carefully creates landscape works.  Zhuang Mingzheng, as an artist of both virtue and art, has been widely recognized and highly praised by art lovers. 

    Zhuang Mingzheng carefully created the Traditional Chinese painting "New China Is Coming here -- Xibaipo", which vividly depicts the glorious image of the great man and inspires the successors to stay true to their original aspiration and continue to move forward along the footsteps of the revolutionary predecessors.  In recent years, Zhuang Mingzheng has created many thematic works closely which related to the pulse of the times and euloquized the great new era . 

    Zhuang Mingzheng is explaining to experts, scholars and artists the creation process of "Journey to the Meadow".  This work fully demonstrates the great man's style in the long March process. It can be said that this is an excellent work commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Long March. It is an excellent masterpiece with rich connotations and worthy of savoring again and again. 

    Line of Grass   180cm×130cm   2006   Zhuang Mingzheng's work

    New China Coming from Here -- Xibaipo   240cm×200cm   2021   Zhuang Mingzheng, Zhang Yu cooperation work 

    The style of simplicity is enduring -- Chen Yun   235cm×125cm   2009   Works of Zhuang Mingzheng

    exemplary conduct and nobility of character-- Chen Yun   96cm×96cm   zhuang Mingzheng's work in 2005

    The son of an ancient name for China   137cm×70cm   2004   zhuang Mingzheng works

    National Treasure   180cm×96cm   1991    Zhuang Mingzheng work

    Li Xiannian in Leling, Shandong   120cm×223cm   2006   Zhuang Mingzheng's work

    Women's Style   160cm×90cm   2009   Zhuang Mingzheng's work

    Extraordinary Years   160cm×90cm   2009   Zhuang Mingzheng's work

    Another Victory   223cm×125cm   2002   works of Zhuang Mingzheng

    Spread over sunlight Snowy plateau   130cmⅹ70cm   2012   zhuang Mingzheng's work

    Comrade Bethune   180cm×96cm   2015   Zhuang Mingzheng's work 

    The Two Brothers are Good   137cm×70cm   2012   Zhuang Mingzheng's work

    Ji Xianlin and Mou Shanchu   136cm×68cm   2004   zhuang Mingzheng works

    Extreme Deep Diving   180cm×96cm    in 2021, works by Zhuang Mingzheng

    Academician Wang Shiwen and her patients   235cm×125cm   2002   work by Zhuang Mingzheng

    Academician Lu Shibi   180cm×96cm   works by Zhuang Mingzheng in 2002

    Academician Huang Zhiqiang   180cm×96cm   works by Zhuang Mingzheng in 2002

    Famous Painter Yang Shanchen   180cm×96cm   works by Zhuang Mingzheng in 2004

    Portrait of Chairman Bao Junyi    180cm×96cm   2019   zhuang Mingzheng work

    Mr. Wang Yijun   130cmⅹ70cm    works by Zhuang Mingzheng in 2022

    Portrait of Mr. Li Duo   235cm×125cm   2010   Work of Zhuang Mingzheng 

    Mr. Du Dakai   180cm×96cm   2017   Zhuang Mingzheng's work

    Mr. Jin Tielin   235cm×125cm   2012   Works by Zhuang Mingzheng


    Mr. Zhang Jinlou    70cmx70cm   2019   Zhuang Mingzheng works

    Old Party Secretary   70cmx70cm   2022    Zhuang Mingzheng works

    Mr. Jiang Zhixiang   70cmX70cm   2022   Zhuang Mingzheng works

    The Statue of Li Duo  chang Hua's Golden Marriage   235cm×125cm   2011   by Zhuang Mingzheng 

    Closest to The Sky   137cm×70cm   2013   Zhuang Mingzheng's work

    Poems of Li Bai   68cm×68cm   2020   Works of Zhuang Mingzheng

    Hundred-year-old Life century Loyalty   240cm×122cm   2017   zhuang Mingzheng's work

    Red Sunset  like a Song   130cmⅹ70cm   2012   zhuang Mingzheng's work

     To go in the danxia morning, To return among Colorful Clouds   137cm×35cm   2012   Zhuang Mingzheng's work

    Where does the Shepherd Boy Go to Sleep on the Back of the Ox    137cm×35cm   2012   zhuang Mingzheng's work

    In the Sun   130cmⅹ70cm   2013   zhuang Mingzheng's work

    Solo Riding a Thousand Miles map   230cm×310cm   2002   zhuang Mingzheng's work 

    Cultivation of Beauty -- Zhuang Mingzheng figure Painting Collection

    Chinese Cultural Figures (chief editor Wang Baosheng) Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished.  Director of China artists association, artists ZhuangMing is pursuing the road of art for decades, continue from the artistic creation, in the field of figure painting and flower and-bird painting art constantly blaze new trails, constantly breakthrough self, obtained the fruits, produced significant influence, reveals the common style of the generation of artists. 

    The color is wonderful 

           Zhuang Ming is a generalist, good at Chinese painting figures as well as landscape, flowers and birds, calligraphy, especially long figures, and can write.  His works have been selected in the eighth and tenth National art exhibitions, participated in the national and army art exhibitions and won awards for many times, and included in all kinds of large-scale painting collections and more than 100 kinds of professional publications, as a national gift to the President of Colombia, and many of his works have been collected by national art museums, museums, overseas art institutions and individuals.  Beijing TV station, Shandong TV station, Jilin TV station have made special reports;  "People's Daily", "People's Liberation Army Newspaper", "Chinese artists", "Chinese painting and calligraphy newspaper", "fine arts", "poetry and calligraphy", "Chinese contemporary character painting collection" and other newspapers and magazines have made special reports on him and his works;  "Chinese Artists Association member directory", "Chinese young artists family biography collection" and other dictionaries are included in the dictionary.  Published "Zhuang Mingzheng art", "Zhuang Mingzheng painting collection", "Chinese painting and calligraphy masters post cards" and so on.  Chief editor of "commemorate Zhuangzi's birthday 2377 Years of Chinese painting and calligraphy masters invitational exhibition collection - Leisure tour", "Xu Zisi color plastic art collection".  
           Zhuang Mingzheng mainly focuses on figures, mainly on realistic subjects, and his outstanding achievement is his portraits.  It is longer than the large-scale large-scale production, the pen is vigorous, the ink is heavy, the clothes are more stick strokes, but the face, hands and other characters are portrayed in detail, the painting method is very distinctive.  In recent years, the theme has gradually expanded, the style of writing has also changed, the language is more rich and colorful, increasingly mature and strong.  As a military painter, his subjects mainly focus on military life and enjoy a good reputation.  He has made statues of MAO Zedong, Soong Ching Ling, Li Xiannian, Deng Xiaoping, Hu Jintao, Chen Yun, Zhang Wannian, Wu Yi and other party and state leaders.  Also painted ji Xianlin, Mou Shanchu, Lu Shibi, Huang Xuhua, Li Duo, Mo Yan and other famous figures in the field of culture and science and technology portraits, not only like, and are painted in high spirits, for the painting or their relatives highly respected.  At the national level artists, guizhou, guizhou calligrapher's association, vice President of literature and art association, the chairman of BaoJunYi praise, said: "in the traditional Chinese painting figure painting exquisite xingshenjianbei, character modelling, I think is the most difficult, so I just bold positive help me draw a portrait of Mr Request, he is very generous, enthusiastically agreed.  Immediately, I sat in the studio as a model, about half an hour less than a portrait of me out, portrait lifelike, both shape and spirit, painting than I have spirit.  This is a strong character modeling basic skills of a kind of performance, it makes me look after the people become energetic, energetic."  
           Zhuang mingzheng's figure paintings have rich and profound connotations, which not only record the historical features, but also reflect the spirit of The Times.  His figure paintings should be attributed to the emphasis on realism. The figures on the screen and the outline of objects are vividly and accurately described in his pen, and they have both the shape and the spirit, emphasizing the shape without losing the spirit.  His painting art generally benefits from two aspects. One is the advanced study in the PLA Art Academy, which makes him shift from the individual and random creation path to the formal and rigorous academic creation mode.  Second, in the special environment of the army, I accumulated a large number of fresh materials and life experiences, gained a lot of feelings, and deepened the accumulation of creation.  Based on this, his solid skills and the ability to capture the modeling of figure painting have been incisively and vividly played.  His monograph "Beauty in cultivation -- Zhuang Mingzheng figure Painting Collection" was published by Tianjin People's Fine Arts Publishing House.  This book focuses on the selection of the figure painting works of Zhuang Mingzheng, director of the Chinese Artists Association, and the collection of the book fully shows the rich achievements of the author's artistic creation, and adds a thick and heavy color to the development of China's literature and art career in the new era.
           In addition to the creation of thematic figures, Zhuang mingzheng also has considerable achievements in the field of flower and bird painting.  He mainly learned from Wu Changshuo, Pan Tianshou, etc., but he did not blindly abide by the rules, but carried out bold and orderly exploration and innovation by relying on his own life experience and artistic experience.  He attached importance to the thought and interest and artistic conception of the creation of flower and bird painting, and harmonized the static and harmonious beauty of exquisite meaning in the empty freehand brushwork ink and the stirring brush and ink.  The painter will use the combination of gorgeous and quietly elegant flower and bird painting, gorgeous place thick ink and heavy color large rendering, quietly elegant place such as water lotus splash ink such as water, the so-called mountain is wonderful, water is wonderful in the wind waves, flowers are wonderful is bright light phase, the bird is wonderful is moving vivid.  Zhuang Mingzheng gets the gist deeply, always linfeng knot thinks, creates the intension that strives for novelty quietly and effect.  "The heartstrings move where the painting melts into poetry", he always pursues the simple and carefree style with the wind in art, and puts it into creation practice, through the paper back, is his sincere craftsmanship.  
           Zhuang Mingzheng is also good at calligraphy, especially in grass.  At the same time, he has a deep thinking about the theory of Chinese painting.  His new work, Writing God with Form and Advancing with The Times: The Real Realistic Expression Technique, truly expresses his thoughts and pursuit of Chinese painting. The thoughts of understanding, calm, firmness and rejection of partiality displayed in the article are mutually outside and inside with the pursuit of creation.

    Strive for new horizons
           Xi jinping, general secretary of literature and art symposium profoundly pointed out: "we have to produce good works as a central part of the literary work, efforts to create more values in contemporary China, embodies the spirit of the Chinese culture, reflects the Chinese aesthetic pursuit, ideological content, artistic, ornamental organic unity of outstanding works."  The formation of self-style and the development of creative consciousness are the artist's life.  Although this is an extremely difficult thing, but Zhuang Ming is always persevering.  In the later creation, he will step up some efforts in a planned way, focusing on the creation of figure painting, and strive to be more accurate and delicate, vivid, expand the mind, broaden the field of vision;  New breakthroughs have been made.  As for flower-and-bird painting, he also gradually made some adjustments, especially in the picture of the big composition, the big pattern, further strengthen the excavation of classical works, appropriate to accommodate the successful painting methods of contemporary flower and bird painting masters, through more difficult suffering, make flower-and-bird painting more magnificent, more attractive.  This is his ideal realm, but also his struggle for the practice of the road.  
          "Ask canal that get so clear, for a source of living water."  On the road of artistic exploration, Zhuang Ming is persevering, pioneering and innovative, and constantly breaking through himself.  Du Dakai, professor and doctoral supervisor of Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, director of Calligraphy Research Institute of Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, praised him: "I often feel warm for having such a fellow townman in Beijing.  Mingzheng is very diligent. He will have a more leisurely life and he will paint better."  As a real artist, Zhuang Ming will continue to boldly explore the themes and methods of creation, and record The Times with more refreshing works to contribute to the people. 

    Author's brief introduction 

           Zhuang Mingzheng, styled Yanshun, was born in July 1962 in Qingdao, Shandong province. He graduated from the PLA Art Academy in 1991 and was assigned to work in 301 Hospital after graduation. He successively served as the director of the club and deputy director of the publicity Department, in charge of publicity.  In 2008, he joined the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University as a visiting scholar.  Now he is the director of The Chinese Artists Association and the director of the Beijing Artists Association. 
    (Edited by: Zhang Yan, Liu Sheng)
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